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I highly recommend these towels. They worked exactly as advertised. I have been recommending them to family and friends. I was amazed that I could dry a whole car with one towel without having to wring it out.

It's very adsorbent, really love this towel.

Fast shipping, Item as stated, great communication. I will purchase from seller again!

I've bought lots of microfiber towels over the years. By far these are the best. Expensive but well worth the money.

Very good for using

Love this towel
It’s the only towel I need to dry whole car
I have multiple to keep in different vehicles

I’ve owned several drying towels, by far the BEST!

It works as advertised!

The title says all you need to know.

These towels really make drying any vehicle easy and quick

Item as stated, Good Quality, Fast Shipper, Fair Price, Good Communication. I would buy from this seller again.

Wow finally a drying towel that really works!! Virtually one pass and dry!!!


Great towels. Much better than a regular bath towel. Game changer for sure. Takes washing to a next level.

Doggy DrySaver Towel
Jason Dohrmann
Wow, incredible towel with incredible drying power

I love washing my cars and buy all the different towels out there claiming to be the best microfiber towel out there, they’re all the same scams, that is until I fell for this ad and purchased two car towels and one pet towel. I was completely blown away that it worked just as awesome as they claimed. This is a must have and do t let the price discourage you because it’s worth it.

Great product

The wash towel is so easy to use and much more efficient than a brush.

This is it!

These towels worked as advertised!

Nice towel, small size

Great quality towel. Just half the size that I anticipated. Thought I looked at dimensions but obviously I was confused. User error.

great towel

this is my 2nd one and i have a back up for this one, i bought one a while ago and i loved it, and had to get another one and one for when i were this one out.

Best car drying towel ever!!

This is the BEST towel I have ever used to dry my cars.

Exactly what was Advertised

I love that the towel can hold so much water. The best towel on the market

Great Product

Great size and super absorbent. Can do one SUV with out any issues. Can be done within 5 minutes. Would purchase again.

awesome product

I thought it would be a gimmick but when I first tried mine I was amazed at the first swipe how well it worked. It was true they do work just like they said. It worked so well I got my sone each one and my best friend one for Fathers day. My one son used his immediately and was surprised himself by how well it worked. All of us take great care of our cars and appreciate how well this works and saves us time. Thank you so much for a great product


I will never buy another towel to dry my vehicles! These towels are everything they say they are!

Large good quality towels, highly recommended.

Best towel EVER

I've been a huge fan of drying my vehicles with a high quality chamois/wringer until now! The Rapid Dry Towels are amazing. I can dry an entire Camaro or full size Duramax with no streaks in a matter of wringing out needed.