Dry a car in 1.5 minutes? Racing Ray Williams did...

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Dry a car in 1.5 minutes? Racing Ray Williams did...

I had the pleasure of meeting Racing Ray and Katy Williams while driving the Targa Tour in October. Ray was driving a Ford Mustang and doing an incredible job as the rally's Goodwill Ambassador. Katy was doing an equally good job behind the wheel of her Porsche 997 Carrera S.

Katy was diligently washing her Carrera on Saturday morning pre the opening stage of the day. I had a spare Rapid Dry Towel The Original so I gave it to her to make up some time. I should have guessed that giving the fastest car drying towel in the world to a land speed record holder's wife was going to lead to a challenge.

Ray set a number of New Zealand Land Speed Records in 1996 including the outright record at 316.929 kmph in his Porsche 930. He still holds the New Zealand Road Car record.

But this year we think that he has set an outright world record with that same Porsche 930. Check out the video to see what we're talking about.

And if you think you are up to the challenge email your footage to fasterthanray@rapiddrytowels.com

For more on Racing Ray Williams check out www.raywilliams.co.nz 



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