Our Story

We've been washing cars for decades. But as long as we can remember washing cars we can remember the time taken to dry them! We went from leather chamois to faux chamois to the regular small microfiber towels. But they all had one thing in common - wringing out. The dry a bit, wring out and repeat became monotonous...

After years of searching for a product to meet our requirements we came to a conclusion - it didn't exist. So... We made it.

The Original Rapid Dry Towel

Introducing the Rapid Dry Towels "The Original". It's the size of a beach towel, it won't scratch, it's incredibly absorbent and it will wash and dry hundreds of times.

When it comes to drying your car, SUV, truck, boat, or plane, SIZE DOES MATTER. 

We are always looking to improve the towel

So email suggestions to product@rapiddrytowels.com to make the Rapid Dry Towels even better. 

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey to the best car/boat/plane drying towel in the world. 

The Rapid Dry Towels team.

Our postal address:
PO Box 147612
Auckland 1144
New Zealand

And what do our customers think?

“I tested the towel over the weekend, great product, well done. I can attest to the fact that you can do one 2016 Audi RS6 with one towel!” – David Mackrell, President Porsche Club New Zealand

WOW… what can I say. Today is the first time I used my new Rapid Dry Towel, and all I can say is “Holy Jackpot Batman”!!! Even after drying the complete car in one go, I was still able to go around the car and dry off those niggly little places, and I still haven’t needed to wring out the towel. I could probably keep on going for another half an hour. That is exactly what I want, as drying the car for me is the most boring part of the clean, but now it has got so much easier. Thanks Rapid Dry Towels.com." – Neil

"We received our Rapid Dry Towel yesterday and have already used it a couple of times. Thank you very much for our bonus towel also! - Great customer service! We are a car valet services company based in a smaller town. Grooming up to 4-6 cars per day can take its toll however with a great product like this it makes thing much faster and easier. It gets a thumbs up from us! We understand there is an art whilst using the towel however have adapted to "the glove" technique and works great - towel stays off the ground with even weight distribution. Once again thanks for the great service and product!" – Kayne

"I have purchased two of these towels for my cars. They are very good and I can highly recommend them. I'm not affiliated in anyway with the company that makes them, however I am a person with classic cars that have competed with distinction at the annual Ellerslie Concours. Great product." – Angus