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Rapid Dry Magic

Bar none the best car drying towel I’ve ever used... you will not be disappointed!!!!

Great Towel

This is the perfect towel for many things worth the purchase

Awesome product

Didn't believe how good they could be, one use and I'm a believer. Highly recommend.

Dry as a bone in 3 minutes

This really works - as it should. I throw it in the dryer after each use.

Good towel

Good product fast shipping

Best microfiber towels

They work great! Best I’ve ever used

The best Towel for you Car!

I have a Black AMG Benz and was a little skeptical to purchase at first, decided to go with it and I'm so glad that I did. Towel is great! It will not scratch leave streaks nor do you have to worry about the towel getting saturated with water it won't. The fastest drying time you will ever have. I love it so much I ordered another!! I don't write reviews, this time I was compelled to do so! Great product! Do yourself a favor try one you will not regret the purchase.

Great Drying Capacity

This is a great towel. You save a lot of time by not having to wring it out . Highly recommended!

Great product!

Just tried my new towels this past weekend and am quite pleased! Used “The Original” for the heavy work and “The Finisher” to complete the lighter detail work. Extremely responsive and professional customer service for any questions. Strongly recommend buying both towels. Thanks again, Richard!!

Great Product

I’m not a professional but a very serious weekend warrior. This is the best towel in the game right now.


Towel has worked so well over the past month I have had it. It dries quickly and is easy to handle. I use it a couple times a week and then wash it and it’s like new again. I have been asked multiple times about the towel at the car wash because it does such an awesome job!

Great product!

I love mine! It works as advertised; however if you have a large vehicle like me, it’s better to ha e two. Going to another one.

Top Service

Enjoyed the contact and the product!

Best towel ever purchased!!!

This has been the best purchase ive made, this towel is fabulous ive told all of my friends about it, they've asked where i got it from and all i do is show them the bag. Thank you for a quality product
Signed Joaquin Ayala

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel


Have several Rapid Dry Towels. Has cut my time in drying my cars in half or more. Very pleased with this product.

Works great. Best towel I’ve ever bought

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

Huge Time Saver and Works Great!

Works exactly as advertised! Dried my F150 super fast with no wringing out of the towel. For a large vehicle like this two towels would be nice (I’m buying a second one) but not required.

A gift for my brother

I got my rapid dry towel set at the Kumeu hot rod show
I knew my brother would like a set too

Very happy

Extremely efficient product, saves at least 10 to 15 minutes of drying and doesn’t leave little fibres everywhere! 5 Stars

Rapid Dry Towels

Awesome really makes a wonderful job of absorbing all the water and leaving no streaky water marks. Job done in half the time, great.


Drying the car has never been easier, thank you.

Great Towel

But don't know about the high price, but can't comment on cheaper products quality as this is the first towel I've bought to dry my car.

Nice Multi-Buy

Good multi-buy, but would be better as a two pack, three is just too much.