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Great dry towel. Thinking about buying another one.

Great Towels

Catch all the water so you don't have to go over the same area multiple times. Bought them for my boat, which I have now ceramic coated, so the drying process is effortless.

My second order of Rapid Dry Towels, I love them!

Great towel!!

I was really skeptical about getting one but ordered one anyway. I’m a believer now!!! Wish I had one 2 yrs ago!! This towel is just awesome! If you don’t have one you need one! No more driving my car down the road to dry it!! This towel works!!


Does a great job.

They work awesome..

They work as good as a show on TV.

1st Impression

This is one thirsty towel! As advertised, it soaked up my wet SUV with no need to wring out unlike the "Absorber" I was using.
Great product, I highly recommend getting one!

They are great and perform just as advertised

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel


With the size of the towel dry off my vehicle is super fast. Thank You!

Great towel, too big

Works great! Wish it was about 2/3 the size.

Better than

Yes that right better than a chamois a towel for your car works better that I would have ever guessed

Best Drying Towel Ever !

Everyone hates the drying process of the washing their cars . This towels makes me want to wash my car every chance i get . Super efficient!!

Finisher really finish the job

The finisher is really a must with your rapid dry towel. Makes drying your car/ SUV a breeze.

Porsche 992TTS

Excellent - one towel can fully dry my 992TTS with no risk of abrasion in the slightest.

I was impressed

In my opinion better than a Shami or how ever you spell it I used this towel on my Mini Cooper and when I was done towel was damp but not ringing wet

Highly recommended! I dried perfectly a large suv without squeezing this 59x30 large towel.

Best Drying Towel Ever!

It's a tremendous product. It lives up to its billing.

Great Towels

These towels cut my drying time down tremendously. I will be ordering a couple more sets

It’s ok

It doesn’t work as good as I hoped it would. Seems to leave streaks and I have to go over it again with a different towel to stop the streaking.

It works good

Sucks It Up

This towel is as advertised. Holds an incredible amount of water and does a great job.

Great Product!!

I ordered my RDT and it was delivered promptly without any issues. I enjoy washing and detailing my own cars and I've used it several times on my 4Runner since it was delivered. It works great and leaves the car streak free. I have also run it through the washing machine to clean it and it comes out like new... good stuff!

Works great

Works as advertised. Honestly if you made a bigger one I would buy it. The large isn’t quite big enough for SUVs