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I tried out the towel on my fiancé’s car. She wanted to help me dry the car . She went inside to put shoes on and came back outside in 3 mins. I was finished drying the car. My neighbor was watching me and came over and said I need one where can I get it? I guess me demonstrating the effectiveness of your product got you another customer!

It dries like a champ

Greatest drying towel ever.


Works great shipping sucked but product is great should of gotten a second one for free for how long I had to wait.

Apologies regarding the shipping time Donald. We had a one off series of events that led to those delays. It cannot happen again! We're really happy that you love the product! Thanks again for your patience, RDTs.
Love it!

Used my Rapid Dry towel today for the first time. My Boxster is a small car, but even so, I made just one pass, leaving the car perfectly dry. The entire process took under 5 minutes! I sure won’t miss wringing out chamois anymore! Great product.

Great purchase

I was surprised to how well these towels work.
So many other products out there that make the promise to do as advertised and WOW finally one that does.
Only wish I had brought another one at the time.

Best Buy- Rapid Dry Towel

Best purchase to date, actually enjoyed drying the car and in less than 3 minutes. Awesome product!

Best money spent

Love this towel! Can۪t believe how easy it makes the job. Almost makes washing the car enjoyable.

Rapid Dry Towels

Finally I had time to wash our two cars utilising my Rapid Dry Towel purchased a few weeks ago and the result is great.Drying off time was 7-8 minutes for our Hyundai i40 stationwagon and the finish was brilliant.Much superior over chamois.

Better than chamois

Great product, takes me half the time to dry my car and being black it shows no water marks or streaks, love it

Rapid Dry Towel

Amazing, you really do not have to ring it out, I use it on a Mazda 3 Hatchback and does the whole car in one go

Exactly as advertised

Easily the fastest and easiest way to dry my car without scratching the paint. Will be buying another if I ever need one!


Amazing! Absolutely love it, would totally recommend!


Great towel never use chammy again


Perfect, just what I was looking for

Thanks for a wonderful product

Better than a Chamois

Have only used my new towel twice so far.

Very impressed with it.

Takes about a quarter of the time to do the same job than it does using a chamois.

VW Amarok

Great. Love the towel. Worked as expected

Used them once

Was a very cool morning so I think that caused the first towel to get very wet before finishing the whole car. But overall I enjoyed the product result.

good product

only used once since it arrive. Work excellently

Dries rapidly

Great product.


This is my 3rd purchase of the rapid dry towel. I am delighted with the product and saves me a considerable amount of time drying my car. I will be happy to recommend your product.

A chore now a pleasure!

We bought the new Holden Equinox and Astra LT Wagon and I just love washing them! The Rapid Dry Towels make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience rather than a chore. Fantastic product, great user experience and awesome service from the team.

It's the biz!

I am normally pretty skeptical with these kind of things but was pleasantly surprised! I have recommended it to friends and family.


Best car drying towel we۪ve ever used!!!