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Game Changer!!!

I have owned a detail business in the past and am very adiment about washing my own vehicle. The one thing I hate the most is drying my vehicle.
Well not anymore!!!
The Rapid Dry Towel is a game changer and absolutely it blew my mind how efficient it is at absorbing all the water, I have no idea where it all goes. I am able to dry my Toyota Tundra in under five minutes with zero touch up required.

Best towel ever

This is my go to towel, I can dry almost two cars with this towel, an Escalade and a Silverado. Will be getting another one soon. Really love this towel.

Rspid dry towel

Very satisfied with product would like to know if it comes in a smaller size only because it’s a little difficult ring out but other wise great product

Loving it

So much easier than a chamois. Part is the size but easy to launder and far quicker to dry your car than the chamois.

Rapid dry towels

Dry the water perfect. My 911 couldn’t be more happier

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel


I thought it was too good to be true but I decided to try it. I’m so happy I did. I dried one entire car in one pass, threw it in the drier while I washed my second car, it wasn’t completely dry but still easily dried the second car just as easily

This is the best towel I ever used. Takes the water right off my car fast. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time wiping down your car. This is the towel for you.

It works! But may need more than one.

This towel works just like the video but you may need more than one. I dried a small car (Lexus IS250) and it was enough. When drying a 2014 mustang, it was soaked and not drying as well after it was about 98% done.

Big Ass Towel

I love my new towel. It’s like a bath towel but soaks the water up better. Great towel. I will buy more!

GREAT Towel!!

Works as described! It is really a great towel for the car

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

The Best

There is no other drying towel available that performs as well as the Rapid Dry Towel. Simply, the best.

Simply the Best

It truly is better than expected. This is, without question, the best rapid dry towel I have come across. I am not a car guy, but I am a huge fan of this product.

Rapid Dry is excellent!!

This is the best drying towel I have ever owned. We probably have around 50 "drying" towels here. This is the outdries all the rest.

Excellent Buy!

I purchased 3 towels and I was able to dry a Mercedes 550 SUV (faitlr large) with one towel. It worked as advertised. Well worth the price I paired, highly recommended.

Nice Towel

Nick Murray (YouTube Porsche nerd) recommended it and it is the best, better than Adams towels. Adams will have to make a change soon to improve their product.


I tried out the towel on my fiancé’s car. She wanted to help me dry the car . She went inside to put shoes on and came back outside in 3 mins. I was finished drying the car. My neighbor was watching me and came over and said I need one where can I get it? I guess me demonstrating the effectiveness of your product got you another customer!

It dries like a champ

Greatest drying towel ever.


Works great shipping sucked but product is great should of gotten a second one for free for how long I had to wait.

Apologies regarding the shipping time Donald. We had a one off series of events that led to those delays. It cannot happen again! We're really happy that you love the product! Thanks again for your patience, RDTs.
Love it!

Used my Rapid Dry towel today for the first time. My Boxster is a small car, but even so, I made just one pass, leaving the car perfectly dry. The entire process took under 5 minutes! I sure won’t miss wringing out chamois anymore! Great product.

Great purchase

I was surprised to how well these towels work.
So many other products out there that make the promise to do as advertised and WOW finally one that does.
Only wish I had brought another one at the time.

Best Buy- Rapid Dry Towel

Best purchase to date, actually enjoyed drying the car and in less than 3 minutes. Awesome product!