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They work

They work just as advertised. Highly recommend.


Best detail dryer ever!

great fast drying product!!!!!!

Excellent Towel

Bought two towels. Bought one to dry the vehicles after washing and one to try in our glass shower enclosure. I am amazed at how well it works in both situations. Its great for the glass shower. Takes a lot less time than using a squeege abd does a great job.

Great product

I have been very satisfied with this towel , it works great on all of my vehicles . Saves a lot of time & works really well.

Awesome Product

This one towel dries your entire car and does it witout streaking. Great Product

Drying is a breeze!

I don’t think I’ll ever use a chamois again. Drying the car was easy, and a big improvement over a chamois with the constant wringing and rewiping of the same area. Also, the towel works very well with drying car windows, something I always did separately with another towel when using a chamois. I am very happy with this product.

Wow , Fast drying

The Rapid Dry works as advertised. I dried my car in less than a minute without ringing out towel. No chance for water spots when you dry these FAST.

Amazing towel!

Large, very thirsty towel makes washing several cars easy ! Definitely recommend.

Great towel

Rapid towel worked great will be purchasing another soon.

Absolutely Love It

I wish I would have found this product long ago. Out with the old (Chamois) and in with the new! Highly recommended.

Best Car Drying Towel

These are the best towels I've ever used to dry my car. Fast and safe on the finish. I ordered 2 more after trying the first one.

Thirsty Towel

First, I have to say I bought a second Rapid Dry towel, which tells you how much I like this product. It works exactly as described and now I always have a clean one in the car.

so so

It is a great towel but unlike the video it will not dry a whole vehicle at least not one that is wet.


This towel is awsome it works great my new truck looks so good when I'm done,now I wash my truck every week just so I can use my Rapid Dry Towel thanks fellas for a great product.


What an awesome product. I think everyone should have one.

One towel dries the entire car

Worked as advertised. The best car drying towel I have ever used.

Great towel for drying auto or truck

The first time I used the towel I was hooked does a great job the best I have seen.

Does as adverstised

Does exactly as advertised. The only thing I would consider changing is, making it a little smaller or offer two different sizes. When using it for washing off a car a smaller towel is more manageable. The little moisture that is left behind dries quickly and there is no trace left behind like water spots on a windshield.

Awesome towel

Performs exactly as advertised and replaced my chamos!

No Issues

Like the size. Fit for purpose.

Not Exactly What I Expected

The towel is fine, but I was expecting it to dry the car completely. I still had to use my chamois to finish the drying to ensure no streaking.

Awesome product ! Well worth the price !

This microfiber towel is awesome and it’s very easy to use. I have a large truck with a matching custom fiberglass shell over the cargo bed. This towel
dramatically sped up the process of drying the rinse water off of the vehicle as I completed washing it. When it is dry, one tug with the towel completely spread out dries a very large surface area of paint and glass. I will probably buy a second one so I can complete the process with a dry towel as it saves so much time. For a vehicle with this much surface area, two towels would knock out the drying process quite quickly.

Didn’t dry complete car

I’ve got a small 2 door Audi and the towel got too wet after the roof, hood and side windows. It left streak marks on the side doors and lower panels. Not as advertised.