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will never use anything else

Too big

Took more effort. Left streaks. Not worth it.

Best ever

I’ve had so much trouble keeping water spots off of my black car, and this towel is the only thing that has ever worked.

Love it!

These towels are so good at drying cars without leaving streaks. One towel is just enough for one mid sized suv but for convenience, I would get two.

Second to none!

Amazing towel. No streaks! Love it !

Never received product

Haven’t received product, I keep getting scam e-mails saying the order has been holdup because their’s S2.00’s owed for postage (I’ve been told it’s a scam and don’t send the money!

Good towels

Great on New Vehicles

Great towels. Way better than standard micro fiber towels. I want to use only the best towels for washing an drying my two new vehicles. I believe these are the best.

Great towel

Use it after going through the car wash to finish drying and it works great.

Great towels

Best towels I have ever used to dry my vehicles. They are amazing, even their small towels for cleaning your glasses is great.

2nd one

Need I say more, I now have 2.

This is a very good product!

RDTs' Wash and Dry Bundle
Thomas Krcmarik
Great Product

Towel and wash rag both worked better than expected. Should have ordered two towels as I typically wash more than one car at a time. Second car didn’t dry as well when doing two in a row.

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

RDTs' Wash and Dry Bundle
Kestutis Sliuzas

Lived up to the promise and my expectations!

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

Best drying towel on thr market !!

I was amazed how fast you can dry your truck.
IMy truck looks fantastic !!

The Only Drying Towel I’ll Ever Use

This towel does it all!! From drying a full size vehicle with one towel to drying within minutes for the next vehicle! I love it!

Needed a second towel.

Mach 2 speed car wash towel

Excellent product used with minimal effort on my Porsche Boxter

The best.

Can't believe how fast it drys my cars.

My experience


Love the "coasters"

These work better than those so called thirsty stone coasters. Towels are great too.

Great Towel(s)

These are amazing. They truly do let you dry your car quickly & safely. I was able to dry my Aurora Black 2022 Forte GT in under 10 minutes taking my time. The large towel sucks up water quickly & efficiently. The smaller towel is great for tight spaces. I’ve yet to try the included washing towel. I have no doubt that it’ll work great.