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Speed Wash

I just used the new Mach 2 Speed Car Wash Towel on my Suburban. What quality and speed in washing my SUV. It is very soft and holds a lot of my car soap and water. I only had to dip the towel twice once for each side. Very Impressive product. Love my Rapid Dry Towels also!

One wipe wonders

The drying towels are fantastic. The make the car surface dry in one wipe. It’s amazing and the size of the towel is perfect. Big enough to handle drying the whole car without being to big to handle. The same is true about the new wash towel. It’s just the right size to be easy to handle then full of sudsy water but big enough to get the job done quickly. I love them and just bought more as a gift for my son.

Big enough to do whole Car

Bought this towel to make it easier to dry larger SUV without having to wringing out my towels All others I’ve used I had to wring out more times than I care to remember B4 car would be dry LOL 5stars on quality of towels and 5stars for true statement being able to dry whole car in one shot

Love it

Great product. It really does the job. Very happy I purchased it.

Mach 2

The size and the thickness of the towel are great. It’s very convenient to use.
The drawback is that it is so thick that it takes a very long time to dry.

Hi Gordon,

The best way to look after them is machine wash and tumble dry. It’s very quick and they come out like new. It’s their ability to hold all that liquid that enables them to work so quickly!!


Great towel

So, 90-seconds to dry ... that's a bit quick, but they do work and absolutely dry my brand new Ford Explorer. I bought 2 and I could use 1 more to do a completely thorough job of all the nooks and crannies of the SUV, but overall I do like them a lot. Car's dried with a minimum of fuss. Easily washed and dried. Thanks!

Awesome Towels

First time using it! This was the fastest drying and whipped off. Thanks.

Amazing Towel

This is the best drying towel I have used on my cars. It absorbs and dries more area and quicker. Highly recommended.

Works as advertised

Doesn't take long to get my ride dried. This towel helps to save time and give the user peace of mind.

Love this!

One towel on my Acura MDX will eventually leave streaks. Lucky I bought Two towels but it beats using my old school chamois and squeezing it 20 dozen times. Lol still a great product tho

Rapid dry towel

Works great. Love it. I ordered 2 more. Just hard to ring streaks.

Love it

Loved the first one so much that I ordered another!

Great dry towel. Thinking about buying another one.

Great Towels

Catch all the water so you don't have to go over the same area multiple times. Bought them for my boat, which I have now ceramic coated, so the drying process is effortless.

My second order of Rapid Dry Towels, I love them!

Great towel!!

I was really skeptical about getting one but ordered one anyway. I’m a believer now!!! Wish I had one 2 yrs ago!! This towel is just awesome! If you don’t have one you need one! No more driving my car down the road to dry it!! This towel works!!


Does a great job.

They work awesome..

They work as good as a show on TV.

1st Impression

This is one thirsty towel! As advertised, it soaked up my wet SUV with no need to wring out unlike the "Absorber" I was using.
Great product, I highly recommend getting one!

They are great and perform just as advertised

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel


With the size of the towel dry off my vehicle is super fast. Thank You!

Great towel, too big

Works great! Wish it was about 2/3 the size.

Better than

Yes that right better than a chamois a towel for your car works better that I would have ever guessed