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Amazing customer service!

Product works as described, the part that surprised me was their customer support. I have a few sports cars and the towel did an ok job on the first one, on the second car the story was different. I emailed the company to see if I was missing a step in the conditioning process. To my surprise, I received a reply within minutes...on a Sunday! This alone made me a true believer, but he went further and sent me another towel as he suspected that the old towel may have had a different weave. I haven't had a chance to try out the new towel as its been raining in So Cal, but I can only imagine it'll work great.

This level of service is usually reserved for very high end product lines. I applaud you for your dedication and willingness to find a solution without blaming the client. I hope your business grows by leaps and bounds and your product line expands as you now have a loyal customer.


Awesome product!

This towel is amazing! I have a black car and this towel did NOT leave any streaks and I could dry my car faster than ever.

Great towel

This is a great towel and it drys real good

Shit Howdy

Never thought a 40.00 towel would be such a GREAT investment. I S@$t you not. So easy to use and the car still looks spotless after. Love it!!!!!!

Excellent product!

The perfect towel for car enthusiasts!

Great product

The Rapid Dry Towel does exactly what it promises. It dries your clean car quickly saving you time.

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

Works as advertised!

This product delivers as promised. I would recommend.

Awesome drying towel

Highly recommend

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

Awesome Sauce

Hands down, the best car detail towel ever !

Save tons of time drying my car. Five star

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

Large towel that drys well

This towel is large (good attribute), sobine needs to help it with two hands so that it will not drag on the ground. Very absorbant and soft to the paint.


Worth every penny! It made drying the extended cab, long bed truck SO much easier and faster! No streaks or spots, just perfection.

Rapid dry towel

I was very pleased with Dry Towell. I was impressed how easily it dried my vehicles.

Wow! Crazy absorbent

I've had the towels for a couple of months but since the weather has been bad I've not washed my car. I finally got the chance ... and the Rapid Dry Towel is SOOO absorbent that once placed on the very clean wet car ... I initially couldn't even move the towel to gently rub it over the paint. It just gripped like a rubber suction cup. So ... I recommend actually misting it ever so slightly and then using it. But it works as advertised. It's huge and it really does absorb. And you can dry an entire car with it. -- I still use smaller microfiber towels for various areas afterward (and crevaces that might have dirt left over so I don't get the Rapid Dry towel dirty) ... but the initial removal of water when you want water off the vast majority of the car as fast as possible to avoid water spots ... this towel can do it in just seconds. Very impressive. I bought another.


The towel is huge and can be easily used to dry the roof of my jeep.

This towel is thirsty

Works as well as is advertised. I don't even have to worry about having to dry it in direct sunlight and risk getting water spots. Very pleased with this product.

Saves me SO much time!

I love Rapid Dry Towels. I've tried all sorts of drying products before (Absorber, chamomile, regular microfiber towel, high-grade microfiber towels, other car towels, drying blade, etc), but this Rapid Dry Towel is my absolute favorite! I've bought 3 of them already. I contemplated buying a cheaper no-name large microfiber towel, but I'm glad I didn't. I didn't want to risk getting an inferior product just to save a few dollars. The Rapid Dry Towel saves me SO much time - love, love, love it! Yeah, I know it's a towel, but who has time to waste? You have better things to do

Best Drying Towel Out There

I’ve bought over 15 towels to dry my truck and finally found the only 1 I need! It’s big enough to do the whole truck without using another one as back up. Towel soaks up all the water and does a great job!
Buy it and never look back

Rapid Dry Towels Are Great!

I was able to dry my SUV in less than 2 minutes with the Rapid Dry. No spots, no streaks—I just threw it on the SUV and pulled it off and it was totally dry. I liked it so much I bought one for my friend, who is really into cars.

Best dry towel

I have used it several times, works great. When I’m done I just hand it up and let it air dry.

This towel is extremely absorbent and worked better thank expected.