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Huge Time Saver and Works Great!

Works exactly as advertised! Dried my F150 super fast with no wringing out of the towel. For a large vehicle like this two towels would be nice (I’m buying a second one) but not required.

A gift for my brother

I got my rapid dry towel set at the Kumeu hot rod show
I knew my brother would like a set too

Very happy

Extremely efficient product, saves at least 10 to 15 minutes of drying and doesn’t leave little fibres everywhere! 5 Stars

Rapid Dry Towels

Awesome really makes a wonderful job of absorbing all the water and leaving no streaky water marks. Job done in half the time, great.


Drying the car has never been easier, thank you.

Great Towel

But don't know about the high price, but can't comment on cheaper products quality as this is the first towel I've bought to dry my car.

Nice Multi-Buy

Good multi-buy, but would be better as a two pack, three is just too much.

Rapid Dry Towel

Works as advertised, very happy with my purchase and even happier with the time saved drying my car, much better than a chamois. Great product!

Love the Rapid Dry Towel

I was so tired of constantly wringing out my chamois, so I love the ease of the Rapid Dry Towel. Using it really speeds up the car washing process.


These truly are perfect towels. Dried my 2017 crew cab Silverado with one towel in about 5 minutes. Plus they are just very convienent to have! If you haven’t purchased them, better get them soon. Worth every penny

Great towel

Great product works as described. Delivered before due date can't recommend enough

Awesome Product

I would highly recommend this product, works a treat and takes the hassle out of drying your vehicle compared to the traditional chamois method.

Great towels

Was not sure if the marketing was accurate but definitely lived up to the hype


I finally got an opportunity to try this towel for drying my car and am completely impressed. Just in case, I had another towel on stand by, but this one dried my entire car. It’s very soft and thirsty! I ended up using the other one on my wheels, this one’s too good for that. I’m definitely going to buy more.

Leaving lines

When I used for first time to dry my car, left some lines I didn’t like.

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

What a Tim Saver

Saves sooo much time

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel


I used my Rapid Dry Towel for the first time this morning, and all I can say is "wow". It does exactly as it states, and I was very surprised! Awesome product and you will definitely not be disappointed!

Great towel

This a great towel..should be in a two towel bag..for the price

Car cleaning

Wiped my car down so fast

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel

Finally a product that delivers!

I must admit to being a bit cynical as to whether or not this product would work. I have a truck so thought it might not do the distance in soaking up all the water. It worked like magic, sucked up every spot of water on that truck.! My truck is gleaming with no water spots on it. At last....very happy with this product!


I have a black car, and one towel almost gets the entire car dry with no streaks and this is on a cloudy day! I am going to buy one more. Hard to believe how much faster it is drying a car with one towel....