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Drying towels

These new smaller towels are great for finishing up
Easy to use

I also keep one near the shower - great for wiping the shower down - quick & easy

Christmas gift

It’s a Christmas gift so haven’t used them yet.

Legit Towel

Dried my entire Ram 1500 crew cab. The finishing towel is a must have as well. Great products.

Best towels ever

I first got these towels at the Rennsport Reunion and have been using them ever since. They are the best for drying a vehicle after washing. This latest purchase was a gift for another enthusiast.

Awesome towel.....

I love it, I used it once so far and it's better than my other dry towel this one actually dries the car in one application. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Reduce time

Purchased second one as one was insufficient to dry off my Audi Q5. Cuts down shampoo and wash off time to 45 mins.

very absorbent. love it!

towel works great. highly recommend


This IS the best drying towel I have ever used! Bar none! In fact, I have since bought another towel. One towel is enough for a car but I found I needed two towels to dry my full-size truck with a tonneau top. I expect MANY years of use from these large towels with proper care!!

The Finisher (15.5in x 27.5in) - Rapid Dry Towel

The Finisher (15.5in x 27.5in) - Rapid Dry Towel

Simply amazing i have to get another one ,dried my lifted dodge in no time flat didn't even use my blower.

Great Towels

These are great towels. I ordered a 2nd set after receiving the 1st. Greatly shortens the drying time on our Corvettes. Do take care of these towels and read up on the care of a microfiber product. We wash in cold with Mirco-Restore and tumble air dry only. Will be ordering a 3rd set shortly.

Exceptional drying towel

Repeat buyer and recommend towel to all car enthusiasts

I like the product it seems to work well. I like the smaller towels for finishing. Would totally recommend them


Works perfectly and absorbs water 💦

Worked like a charm

I bought this after struggling to dry my black full size truck in the summer heat. These towels are way better than anything I have ever used. Minimal water spots even on the black paint.

Great product

Great size and works perfectly. You should buy one.

Superb function and quality

I bought three towels for my vehicle and general use around the house and they have exceeded my expectations. Title of this review says it all. I'll buy again no hesitation when the need arises.

quick-as expected-good quality


works good, however, water streaked on car as it got more wet so did not dry complete car without wringing out

Awesome product

does not disappoint. Just as advertised. Helps you finish drying your car in minutes.

Didn’t, like the FedEx extra shipping charge

Towels are great but the after delivery shipping cost are disappointing by FedEx

Hi Tony,

Can you let us know what happened with FedEx? We are not getting the greatest service from them since Covid appeared...


Its a Bloody Good Towel

On watching Nick Murray and his video's, I find myself constantly crying about the options he chooses for his vehicles... I found this was the right towel to dry up all my tears without fuss.
It also makes drying my balls a lot simpler..

btw, if you're buying it in to UK, expect those Customs charges.

Great towels!

Haven't had a chance to try these finisher towels but I've been very impressed with my previous purchase of the larger towels.

Best towel

This towel is one of the finest automotive purchases I have ever made. Superior drying and in a size that is very manageable but large enough to dry large areas.