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Rapid towel

It works great.Every one needs one

Gets the job done

Great towels

I purchased the towel and it has worked awesome so far, thanks

Rapid Dry Towel

These are the best for drying off the Boat after being on the water all day, great product


Very very good

Awesome Product!!!

I purchased two of these towels one for myself and one for my wife. We both keep like to keep our cars very clean. These towels work awesome!! We both have brand new vehicles and they do great on them. We love this product so far!

Works Great.

Only used once and I was amazed at how good they worked.

Rapid Towel

Good towel for after car wash cleanup.

Rapid Dry Towels


It’s a wonderful drying towel, did the whole car in 15 minutes



Love this towel

Great Product

Fast delivery. And the towels work great. Just like they advertise.

Super Absorbant

Only took 10 mins to dry my entire Cadillac ATSV. Dried quickly in sun

Rapid Dry Towels USA

Great for drying after car wash

Solid product, happy so far

Have washed an Explorer and Honda Fit and with preliminary blowdown have easily been able to dry both vehicles and still do basic interior wipe downs too. Very happy thus far.

It works

The product works as advertised. I have used mine 3 times so far works great. The towel is large works great for hood and roof access with ease.

1St time user

Great Product wish I bought sooner

This towel is pretty barn good I really like the product

I was excited to try it out so I washed the car it was allread clean but washed it anyway got the Drying towel out and BAM one swipe and dry did the whole car in minutes PREFECT wished i had smaller ones to do door jams and glass it just would work better for me THANKS AGAIN

Best Towel on the Market

I really can't believe it works just as the video on Instagram where I first saw the add! Amazing.

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

Speedy and smooth

The Rapid Dry Towel works like a charm on my new SUV. The nearly 3 foot by 6 foot size slides across the hood and practically dries it in one sweep. You can dry your car in less than 2 minutes as advertised

Super Towel

Superman could wear this as a cape it's so huge, but he'd get slowed down too much because it'd be sucking up all the water everywhere. :)
It really is a great towel, exceeds the hype, worth the price!
Here's a hint: Dry your windows/windshield first when the towel is the most absorbent and leaves virtually nothing behind. As the towel absorbs the gallons of water, it eventually leaves very small traces behind which will show on your glass but not on your paint....OR you can buy the "Finisher" for the final touch ups.

The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel


Used for first time. Dried entire car in 5 minutes. Great product!