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Excellent product

I bought the smaller towel works amazing now I bought the big towel for me great product will buy again and refer others to it as well

Quick drying, no streaking

I can dry my whole Ram 1500 crew cab in just a few minutes, and it doesn’t leave any streaks.

Love it!

This is the best drying towel I have bought. It works perfectly and flawlessly.

Great product!

Does what is advertised for sure.

Original… large towel

The towel worked great, about 5 swipes and my mini countryman was dry and shining, small touch ups with the small towel…. They dried quickly in the sun


I was skeptical at first, but decided try after all I read and found these towels really do cut drying time CONSIDERABLY!!!

Best Product Ever

I was skeptical that something would work as well as advertised since nothing previously has delivered. These towels completely deliver and them some. I’m super happy about them and have cancelled my car wash membership since it’s way way faster to do at home using very little water too.

Works as advertised..

NEW! The Mach 2 Speed Car Wash Towel

The Finisher (15.5in x 27.5in) - Rapid Dry Towel

Works as advertised.

Best drying towel I've ever used.

Not up to expectations

The towel absorbed a lot of water quickly, but then started leaving water streaks. When the SUV finally air dried, the streaks were noticeable.

Love the towel. Very absorbent

Does pretty much what it says

I read alot of hype about this towel, and since I'm a fan of the Griots 55590 PFM Drying towel, I had high expectations. Overall this towel is indeed huge and does a good job. However it absorbs lots of water and gets heavy quickly. So while it does it's job, you have to wring it out very often. Which means, you likely will need two towels to do an avg sized car. Recommended.

The Finisher (15.5in x 27.5in) - Rapid Dry Towel

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel


I have only had occasion to use the towel twice and have been very impressed with the fact that it performed exactly as advertised.

Bundle review

Really like the original towel. Still learning the version 2. The detail towel is a mini version of the original towel. It works great as a finish towel.

RDTs' Wash and Dry Bundle

RDTs' Wash and Dry Bundle

Excellent Finisher

I just love it ... It completes 2.0 and just a small version. It do the job and clean up nice


I own an Infiniti QX56 it’s a big truck! I was amazed at how fast I was able to dry my truck six swipes and I was done. I love your product and highly recommend it. It gets the job done. Thank You.
Charlie Torres

Delivers what it promises.

I have no complaints so far after receiving these towels. Goodbye chammies.

Great towel

This towel really works, definitely cuts down on drying time! Highly recommend.

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

2.0 Drying Towel

Excellent product. It’s amazing how little effort it takes to dry off my truck. Worth every penny!!!