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The Original 59x30in Rapid Dry Towel

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After years of searching for a chamois to dry cars without wringing out we came to a conclusion - it didn't exist. So... We made it.

Introducing The Original - Rapid Dry Towel. It's the size of a beach towel, it won't scratch, it's incredibly absorbent microfiber and it will wash and dry hundreds of times. This is the best car/plane/boat drying towel you will ever use and when it comes to drying your car, SUV, truck, boat, or plane, SIZE DOES MATTER which is why the Rapid Dry Towel is a whopping 59x30in. And it comes in a very handy carry bag.

Dry your car in as little as 90 seconds!

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dry a car in 90 SECONDS

dry a car in 90 SECONDS

Super absorbent

Super absorbent

Zero wringing out

Zero wringing out

Scratch and streak free

Scratch and streak free






Customer Reviews

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Walter Sikkelerus
Big enough to do whole Car

Bought this towel to make it easier to dry larger SUV without having to wringing out my towels All others I’ve used I had to wring out more times than I care to remember B4 car would be dry LOL 5stars on quality of towels and 5stars for true statement being able to dry whole car in one shot

Jim Smith
Love it

Great product. It really does the job. Very happy I purchased it.

Patrick W
Great towel

So, 90-seconds to dry ... that's a bit quick, but they do work and absolutely dry my brand new Ford Explorer. I bought 2 and I could use 1 more to do a completely thorough job of all the nooks and crannies of the SUV, but overall I do like them a lot. Car's dried with a minimum of fuss. Easily washed and dried. Thanks!

Timothy Evans
Awesome Towels

First time using it! This was the fastest drying and whipped off. Thanks.

Eran Demce
Amazing Towel

This is the best drying towel I have used on my cars. It absorbs and dries more area and quicker. Highly recommended.